Travel Guide to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico (for Surfers and Non-Surfers)

I wrote about my surf trip to Puerto Escondido previously, and I thought It’d be great to write about travel guide to Puerto Escondido as well!

I traveled to Puerto Escondido in late June, 2022 and enjoyed my stay there for a week. In this travel guide, I shared some tips and things to do at Puerto Escondido. Vamonos!

Puerto Escondido from the top.


  • Check the weather forecast to ensure there’s no hurricane incoming during your planned itinerary.
  • There are wet season (May to November) and dry season (November to May). Visiting during wet season is okay. It didn’t rain much during my stay even though the forecast said it was raining all week. When it did rain, it only rained for an hour or less for that day at night. If you don’t like to go during rainy season, opt for dry season. During dry season, there will be more people in Puerto.
  • Weather is warm in Puerto. Pack summer clothes and maybe a waterproof lightweight jacket for the heavy rains if you are going during wet season.
When it says it’s raining, it doesn’t mean it will rain whole day.
  • Get some Mexican pesos. Taxis and many other places take cash only.
  • Bring some mosquito repellents if you are checking in your luggage. You can buy them in Puerto as well.
  • Learn some basic Spanish. Some locals and taxi drivers don’t speak English so ability to understand and converse in Spanish is a huge plus. You can just use Google Translate as well.


La Punta Zicatela
  • The area is very safe. People walk around at night. I didn’t observe any kind of violence.
  • Roads are unpaved besides the freeway. Watch out for muds after the rain.
  • There are a lot of street dogs, and they are friendly. They may come to you when you dine in at the restaurant.
  • Wifi is not easily accessible and slow. I used my phone data most at a time. If you need to work from home, research the hotels or apartment rentals if they have Starlink or high-speed Wifi. Yes Starlink is a real thing!

Beaches & Surfing

La Punta Beach: beautiful waves.

La Punta beach

  • Easy access from the street. If you aren’t into surfing, there are restaurant bars that offer beach chairs and umbrellas. You can chillax (chill and relax) and enjoy the view.
  • For swimming, be careful. Shore breaks are really strong at this beach. If you aren’t strong swimmer, I’d advise to take extra caution when entering the water or do not enter at all.
  • This is where you should surf at for all levels. There are board rentals few minutes away from the beach and cost between 200–300 pesos (300 for whole day).
  • Snorkeling or harvesting seafood(?): I saw local free divers diving and collecting some oysters and others. Also, I saw a lot of fish and a Manta ray so I think you can snorkel as well.

Carrizalillo beach

Carrizalillo Beach — Courtesy of Saúl Durán
  • Not easy access from the street as there is a long stairway to go down but it’s a beautiful beach so it’s worth the cardio.
  • Good for swimming. Shore breaks are mellow. You can swim around but be wary of the surfers.
  • Compared to La Punta, this offers smaller cove but bigger waves. For bigger waves, you’d have to paddle out more towards the edge of the cove.
  • I’d bring shortboards here since there are big waves and the long stairway 🥹.


Zicatela beach

Zicatela beach is where people go for the parties. The bars and restaurants alongside the beach turn into night clubs when the night comes. Music is mostly mix of reggaeton and house. There is a cover to enter which is between 50–200 pesos.

Here is how people spend the weekend night:

  • From 8pm to 11pm, they have dinner and grab drinks at La Punta.
  • From 11pm to 12am, people head to the clubs at Zicatela.
  • Party until 10am. Last club closes at 10am!

Baby Sea Turtle Release

Baby Turtle Release Centre

Baby Turtle Release Centre is where you can release the sea turtles and get a chance to name them! It was 200 pesos per family and each family member will get a baby turtle to release.

You are not allowed to touch these babies as germs from your hands may make them sick or die! Please be responsible and take good care of them before the release. Do not touch.

You can see the baby turtle release on my Instagram highlights.


Casa Del Surfer (House of Surfer): really good fish tacos and smoothies. Recommend for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

One of the best fish tacos I’ve had in life.

Lychee: Thai restaurant. Coming from California where there are really good Thai restaurants, I think this restaurant was decent. Their drinks were good too. Good for dinner.

Lastly, Puerto Escondido is going through a drastic change.

I had seen many buildings under construction and a huge influx of people coming in from other parts of the world to live here. If you are going to Puerto, let’s be conscious about the environment and keep Puerto clean for our future generations.


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Live life to the fullest,

Stephen Sungsoo Lee



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